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Links to other Interesting Sites on the Web

These Links appear in Alphabetical Order
If you find a link that is not working, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!

At Home with Annabella - Crochet, Recipes, HTML help, etc. I like to visit with Annabella.
Becky's Touch of Crochet - Patterns for Crochet and Knitting
Cahill's Homepage - Linda's Craft Corner has crochet, knitting and craft patterns.
Carolyn's Crochet Page - Lots of Crochet Links
Catherines Crafts - Free Craft Patterns, Craft Information Craft Links and Genealogy Links 
CGOA Crochet Resources Page - Great Crochet Resources
Clever Creations Crafts -Crochet & Craft patterns, recipes & Beanie Accessories
Craft Patterns -  Crochet, Cross Stitch, Knit, Plastic Canvas, Knit , Sew
 Crochet Books - A place to buy Books.
Crochet Crafts  - Chat, Join an exchange, patterns, apply for an  Award.
Crochet Collection - Many free patterns here. SAG updates it with original patterns often.
Crochet Etc. . . . - Crochet patterns and Links
Crochet Fantasy Magazine  - Free patterns, industry news, informative articles, current issue overview and back issue catalog, links, crochet basics, photo gallery,
message board forum, and more.
Crochet Hats for the Homeless - A great place to find places to contribute your work, and fast & easy patterns too.
Crochet List Information Page - An E-mail list for crocheters
Crochet Memories - Original patterns sold great prices too. Check out the links too.
Crochet Musings Web Site - For the Crocheter
Crochet Passion - Free patterns and Links
Crochet Partners-- - Devoted to promoting the art and joy of crochet.
Clevercreations - Crochet patterns for sale, Cooking, etc.
Craft Patterns - a searchable craft index
Dawn's Yarn Pile - Free Crochet patterns
Deegee's Digi Designs - My friend's site of Digitized designs for Machine Embroidery. Go look at her cute designs.
Denise's Crochet Pages
Free crochet patterns, tips, hints, and links to hundreds of other sites.
Doll Crochet Parlour And Post Office - Crochet sites page
DMC -  -Descriptions of DMC threads 
Fabric By The Pound -(Pre Cut Fabric Strips for Crochet)
Free Crafts Projects Depot - A link to over 1000 craft projects with new ones added every week.
Fridgie Patterns - Lots of Original Fridgies here. They welcome you to join the Fridgie Hiders.
Happy Hooker Pattern Page - Crochet Patterns
 Home in the Heartland - Crochet patterns, Crochet Links, Recipes, etc.
Hooked on You - Hand carved hard wood
crochet hooks by Niles Clark
Huggems - Another of Lee's sites. Dolls, kits, free patterns, crochet
Index Of Cj's/Patterns/ - Lots of Patterns, Crochet & Knit
Jennifer Down Under - One of my favorites. Crochet Patterns and lots of information about Australia.
Lee's World - Crochet Patterns and lots more
Mary's Craft Corner - Crochet, Plastic Canvas, Knitting, Recipes and More.
Melinda's Charity Crochet - Charity's to Crochet for...also some patterns
The National Needlework Association
Advocates for the preservation of the tradition of needle arts.
Packrat Productions (Sharry's Craft & Sewing Place) - Graphics, crafts, sewing and more. 
Patty's Page - A beautiful site. Lots of great stuff here. Crochet Patterns too.
Sand Castle Designs, inc. - Filet Crochet Pattern Software
Smart Yarns Projects - Solutia's Patterns Page (Formerly Monsanto Smart Yarns)
Stephanie Says - Crafts, Recipes, Sewing, etc
Sue's Crochet Designs - Free Pattern, Completed items for sale, Crochet to Order.  Check out this exciting site.
The Country Cottage - Crochet and Knitting Patterns & much more.
The Free Craft Projects Depot - This site links to over 1000 craft projects and  new ones are added every week
The Mining Company - NOW ABOUT.Com Crochet - lots of Crochet Patterns
The Victorian Emporium- A place to order crochet tools, especially wood crochet hooks.
Vintage Crochet - lots of Crochet Patterns and good links
Yarnit Links Page- Crochet, Knitting, Machine Knitting, Spinning, Tatting, etc.
Yarn Lovers Room - We have knitting and crochet patterns, yarn ideas, tips to make your finished project fit better, or find an easier way to do what you've been doing.


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