by Pearl Daiboch (used with permission)

Crazy, silly, goofy,
now - I'm even loopy,
work all day, on-line all night,
my hairs a mess, skin pasty white.

I used to garden, used to cook,
hell, sometimes I would read a book,
not anymore - who's got the time?,
I must check mail, must go on-line!

I used to cross-stitch,
used to clean,
I used to sleep,
and sometimes dream.

I still crochet,
still laugh and cry,
still shop sometimes,
more yarn to buy!

My husband's amused,
my daughter's perplexed,
I used to bake cookies,
we used to have sex.

My husband, who loves me,
found a new form of persuasion,
next month we're taking
a two week vacation.

He's hoping to cure me
of my new found addiction,
and re-introduce me
to bedroom and kitchen.

So, I'll lie on the beach,
and I'll swim and we'll sail,
and when we get back,
I'll check all my e-mail.

I'll print out the patterns,
recipes and more,
and if I need yarn,
I'll just run to the store.

Keep the faith loopies,
our families still love us,
they just can't figure out,
how to download and print us!

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